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Home Nursing

Home nursing services encompasses a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily administered at your home. Home care nursing services are usually cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes, while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or nursing home.


Short term nurses provide nursing services for 1-4 hours or a specific period. Short term nursing care is temporary medical aftercare following surgery, injury or other medical condition that is expected to improve.

Nursing Care:
  1. Caring and dressing wounds
  2. Blood Pressure Checkup
  3. Gettriatric Care
  4. Infusion Care
  5. Dressing
  6. Injection
  7. Post Surgical Care
  8. IV infusion
  9. First Aid Care

Physiotherapy At Home:
  1. Therapy for General Injuries
  2. Therapy for Sports Injuries
  3. Frequent Body Pain
  4. Neck Pain
  5. Rehabilation
  6. Back Pain
  7. Asthma
  8. Pediatric Physiotherapy
  9. Parkinson Disease
  10. Paralysis
  11. Knee Pain
Yoga At Home:
  1. Weight loss
  2. Diabetes Management
  3. Back Pain
  4. Knee Pain
  5. Anxiety and Depression
  6. Stress Management
  7. Meditation
  8. Gerneral Fitness


Long term nurses provide nursing services for 12-24 hours. Long term nursing care is a comprehensive range of medical, physical and surgical care to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of people who are chronically ill or disabled.

  1. Attendant Service (Nursing Attendant and General Attendant)
  2. Elder Care (Nursing Caretaker and General Caretaker)
  3. Baby Care
  4. Domestic Helper


Our Elder Care Programs have been specially designed to proactively enhance the health and wellness of the elderly. As patients may need continuous support, this comprehensive package offers dedicated care to put families at ease with both short term care and long term programs ranging from 3-6 months.

  1. Regular home visits by Physicians and Physiotherapists
  2. Personalised health records
  3. Fixing a dite plan
  4. Giving medicines on time
  5. Blood Pressure Checkup
Benefits of Elder Care at Home:
  1. Faster Recovery
  2. Cost Effective as compared to Hospital
  3. Enhanced quality of life

When Do You Need Us?

The main goal of home nursing service is to treat an illness or injury. The home nursing services usually entails wound care for pressure sores or surgical wound, patient and care – giver education, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies and monitoring serious illness and unstable health status.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Nursing Care?

The benefit of home health care is plenty. Besides being convenient than getting admitted in a hospital or nursing home, the nursing care at home also helps a patient recover sooner, as it has been found that people tend to recover sooner from their illness or ailments when surrounded by their loved ones.