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Frequently Asked Question


Home Nursing Service

Medifio provide high-quality home care nursing services for hospital-like care at home. Whether you are looking for simple support in doing everyday tasks when recovering or need complex care that can be daunting for family members to undertake. Our nurses are highly trained medical professionals capable of providing hospital-like care in the comfort of your own home.
  1. When recovering from an illness or surgery, you look forward to returning to your own home and recuperating in an environment where you are comfortable, relaxed and safe. This is made possible with our in-home nursing services.
  2. The care needs of those who are advanced in age and are unable to take care of themselves can be an overwhelming task for the rest of the family members. This often leads to the thought that nurse home care is the only practical option left.
  3. Complex care needs might make one want to consider moving to a nursing home to recover under the watch of trained professionals. Our in-home nursing services can help you recover in the comfort of your own home. Our in-home nursing services will help smoothen-out the transition from Hospital to Home
  4. Recovery in familiar surroundings, surrounded by family, is proven to be quicker
  5. Our nurses take care of your complex needs while helping you maintain your independence, lifestyle and daily routine.
  6. Home care nursing helps those advanced in age too; for the home is where all their memories are, where their children and grandchildren live. It is the place they feel needed and loved.
  7. With our home care nursing services, you can provide the best care for your loved one in the family home, without making any extra demands of your family members.
We understand that every request for Nursing Care is unique and our Nurses are qualified to assess the situation to identify the care needs of the patient. We offer day-time support, overnight over-night support, and 24-hour home nursing services. We also provide on-demand nurse home care interventions for patients who need this expertise.

Every Medifio Nurses for home care is the perfect combination of an expert medical professional and a Holistic Care-Giver, with the expertise to bridge the gap between the doctor, patient, and family –members.

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations:
  1. Taking medicines on time, monitoring blood pressure and other vitals, and fixing a diet plan
  2. Oral and personal hygiene, feeding and bathroom assistance, or assistance with mobility
  3. Caring and dressing wounds, handling IV infusions and other medical equipment, emptying catheter bags, colostomy bags and bedpans.
You can fill a request form on our website or download our app and simply click a button to request a Nurse.

Provide us with medical details of the patient who needs nursing care, the tasks the nurse needs to do, the duration for which you need our in-home nursing services and your preferences of gender or language if any.

Our team will connect with you to confirm your requirement and send a nurse to take care of the patient. All our nurses are uniformed and carry identification to help you know that you are indeed letting a trained professional from Medifio into your home.
  1. Select Location: Users pinpoint their location for personalized service options.
  2. Choose Service: A range of services, including nursing, baby care, elder care, and more.
  3. View service providers Profiles: Users can access verified professionals’ profiles with expertise, experience, and ratings.
  4. Book Service: Interactive booking process ensures convenience and choice for users.
The average cost of the service is completely dependent on your requirements and location. It can vary anywhere between ₹4,000 to ₹25,000/per month.
Every Medifio helper goes through a thorough background check using their Aadhar and police records, and is only sent to your homes after a proper verification process. Certified Nursing Practioners are only allowed to do their registration in Medifio Nursing Practioners registration app for the services.


For any service availed at Portea, payments can be made via the following modes
  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Medifio Wallet
  4. Net Banking
  5. PayTM
  6. PhonePe
  7. Google Pay
You can pay for your booking in full or part by using the Medifio Wallet.

Example - If your Medifio Wallet has a balance of Rs. 500/- and you want to initiate a payment for Rs. 1000/- , you will be prompted to pay the remaining Rs. 500/- via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, PayTM, PhonePe or Google Pay.
Balance from one account cannot be transferred to another.
Medifio Money is a voucher presented by Medifio, whereas Medifio Wallet is a pre-paid money account owned by the customer.

*Please Note – Medifio Voucher is not eligible for a refund, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
Please visit https://www.medifio.com/refund to initiate the process. T&C Apply. Refunds will be made in the mode of payment used.